Firefox OS Simulator For Testing Apps

Firefox OS Simulator For Testing Apps

Mozilla Web Browser is now out with its Operating System that is on the stage of its development. Mozilla Firefox OS (Boot to Gecko) which it has released as Firefox OS Simulator. Firefox OS Simulator has been released as a sample or prototype for helping the app developers.

Unlock iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone?

The most asked question around the world for those of who are ‘non-geeks’ is that can the iPhone be unlocked or not? Well the answer is quite simple. Yes you can unlock iPhone. But the twist here is that you can’t really tweak around with the settings and the firmware to unlock iPhone.

Search the Web by Image Recognition with Google Goggles

What new in iOS 5.1?

If you are Japanese and owned an iPhone 4s then this iOS 5.1 update is meant for you now Siri will understand and speak your language but what’s new for others in iOS 5.1 update? iPhone 4s Owners will get 3G enable or disable option so now you can choose your network preference. It was …

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