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Safari 5.1.5 with Improved 32-bit Browsing

Safari is a web browser from the world most innovative company Apple. As the name suggest Safari is the most is innovative browser too. It renders the web pages pretty fast. It works in cross platforms it works in your PC, MAC and mobile devices running on iOS and offers you the flexibility of sync so you can access in your iPad from where you left in your PC or MAC.

Even though it is the world most innovative Browser still Apple try to make it better and better to deliver you tremendous web experience. After the recent release of Safari 5.1.4 Apple released it’s never version of Safari 5.1.5 to fix the issue of numbers of user having trouble while opening the program in 32-bit mode.

Safari 5.1.5 Web Browser

All the Apple newer devices support 64-bit code but the significant number of Safari extension still runs on 32-bit binary. So Apple enables one more option in Safari 5.1.5 you just need to check the box of “Open in 32-bit” to support older plug-ins and to fix other compatibility issue.

There are so many websites which might not execute properly if you surf in 32-bit mode you can switch the mode from 32- bit to 64-bit for those websites and still your 32-bit enabled extension would run properly with newer version of Safari 5.1.5. Support the new web standards of HTML5 and CSS3 which enables Safari to deliver leading-edge Internet experiences, rich media and interactive graphics, for example. Safari is the first browser which supports HTML5 audio and video tags. They allow developers to integrate media directly into standard web pages, reducing development time and leading to faster response for you. Because of Safari HTML5 audio and video is available to everyone.

This Update is available via software update or you can also download it from

System Requirements for Safari:

For MAC:
To install Safari 5.1.5 it requires MAC OS X 10.6.8 or OS X 10.7.3 or later.
For PC: To install Safari 5.1.5 in PC it requires Windows XP SP2 or later.

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