Unlock iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone?

The most asked question around the world for those of who are ‘non-geeks’ is that can the iPhone be unlocked or not? Well the answer is quite simple. Yes you can unlock iPhone. But the twist here is that you can’t really tweak around with the settings and the firmware to unlock iPhone.

There are experts and engineers who have mastered this art and offer software’s which perform this task for you in a quick and easy way. Well it all basically comes down to this, Unlocking iPhone is basically just a way to enable you iPhone to be able to use the service line and operate under the frequencies which are offered by other carriers and not be caged to use the carrier line with which the phone was bought with.

Unlock iPhone

First and foremost, before you proceed with the task of unlocking iPhone, there are a few points which you must be clear with and do some such research on if you don’t want to end up bricking up your precious.

1. The most important is to determine what model of the iPhone you are using. Is it the 3G, 3GS, 4 or the 4S? This will help in identifying the correct software which you will need to carry on the procedure.
2. Many a times, thought it might look like you are downloading the right software but in reality you might just end up downloading the wrong one or worse even download harmful viruses on to the device. An effective way to determine whether you are downloading the right software is to read the comments of users who have previously used the same software. So when you when you download yours, you can be carefree.
3. Do not in any case or circumstances try the hardware manipulation to unlock the software, unless you consider yourself an electronic genius and are well versed with the operation of the iPhone’s hardware else you might just end up causing more problems.

There are a quite a lot of software’s available which will do the above discussed task. Some are stated:

• Unlock.no—This is a site that will provide an effective way to unlock the iPhone in matter of 30 minutes without any kind of hardware manipulation and also discloses information on jailbreaking and Wi-Fi troubleshooting.
• QuickPwn— the latest version is quite effective and can unlock the iPhone 3G including all the features of the older version of Quickpwn. For this, updation of the latest firmware is necessary.
• Yellowsn0w—Even though the previous versions of this software came with a lot of bugs and were quite inefficient, the new version runs quite smoothly and looks promising.

The biggest threat to unlocked software’s, is that as Apple keeps updating the software of the phone and in the process renders the unlocking software used on the phone useless. However, having the latest unlocking software which Apple has not yet cracked, unlocking the iPhone’s is just a walk in the park. Follow the following steps, and you’re done.

1. Purchase reliable and latest software by visiting the websites of the software’s mentioned above.
2. Your password and settings will be sent to the registered email address. Enter the password in the member’s area and begin the downloading process.
3. Download the jailbreak software to be installed on the device.
4. Once you have done that, begin the installation of jailbreak software to unlock the device.

Once your iPhone is phone is unlocked, you may perform more activities due to the cydia installer and third party apps.