QR Code

What is QR Code and How to Generate QR Code

QR Code (Quick Response Code) Started from Japan by Toyota Corporation in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. It is 2- Dimensional image which consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. Today these QR code is not limited to the industrial use it become very common tool for marketing because of increasing number of Smartphone users or we can say that a Barcode or a QR Code scanner in everyone pocket.

QR Code
Yes, your Smartphone can be QR Code and Barcode Scanner all you need to just download an app for it from your Android Market or App Store from your Apple iPhone. QR Code Scanning is fast, fun easy way to share information for example: whenever you find any interesting Ad. Flyer on the streets but there is big URL to type to visit the company website but if the flyers have a QR Code then you don’t have to type any URL for more information you just need to take camera click of that QR Code from any QR Reader App on Smartphone and it’s all done you will the URL of company website and other related information in fast, fun and easy manner.

Because of the increasing user of Smartphone’s QR Code become the interactive way to deliver information about your business or anything you want. You can put the QR Code on your Business card or on the packing of your products or in any Magazine where you have to pay for the advertising space and within the limited Budget of Advertisement you want to deliver more and more information with QR Code you will be able to deliver whole lot of information about your Business with QR Code.

Why QR Code Why not Barcode:
QR Code quickly decodes the information and able to store more information where as Barcode is only able to store 20 numerical character and QR Code able to store thousands of alphanumeric character that is why it becomes more popular to the marketer. QR Code easily decodes the information of the product and also the product URL.

How QR Code Works:
First you need to download App which reads the QR Code there are many of them available like KAYWA QR Code, Quick Scan QR Reader, QR Droid and many more open any of these app they will use your phone camera to scan the QR Code now this app will display the information associated to that QR Code.

When you scan a QR Code from your Android Phone, iPhone, or any camera enabled Smartphone it displays all the information on your mobile phone screen like product information and Company’s website URL so with this marketer are able to increase traffic on their website and sales conversion also.

How to Generate QR Code:
We have already discussed the utility of the QR Codes to any business now if you own business whether it is big or small you can easily create QR Codes for your products or for the URL of your business website.

There are several websites which offers QR Code generation service all you need to do just logon their websites select the content type you want to have in your QR Code like URL or Text or any Phone Number or any Short Message. These are some of the links:


QR Code is the easiest way to share the information you can put the QR Code in the packaging of your product or on your Business Card so that you can deliver more information about your business from your Business Card.