What is Adobe Shockwave Player and why you need it?

Adobe Shockwave Player

Many people in my family, friends or on my blogs ask me many basic questions on computer and Internet like what is Shockwave player etc. Many of you may know about Adobe Shockwave Player but many people new to computer and Internet don’t know about it. So I thought why not start a series which will help many people to understand about software, computer and Internet.

In this article I am going to tell about Adobe Shockwave Player, why you need this software and how you can get Adobe Shockwave Player.

What is Adobe Shockwave Player?

Adobe Shockwave is platform to run multimedia, animation and interactive application on web page. These multimedia files are created on Adobe Director. With Adobe Director you can create animation sequences, 3D games and entertainment, interactive product demonstrations, online learning applications. Adobe Director includes powerful scripting language called Lingo which helps to create CD-ROMs and standalone kiosks and web content using Adobe Shockwave. Adobe Director supports both 2D and 3D multimedia projects. To run content on your computer or web page created by Adobe Director you need Shockwave Player.

Note: Shockwave was product of Macromedia and released in 1995. Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005 and Macromedia Shockwave became Adobe Shockwave.

Many website use Shockwave content or online games which requires Shockwave Player. If Shockwave Player is not installed on your computer then those website will alert you to install Shockwave Player.

Shockwave Player is available for Windows and Macintosh (Mac OS) and it supports many web browsers. The latest version of Shockwave Player is can down Shockwave Player from link below.

Download Shockwave Player