Download Adobe Flash Player and Google Chrome Stable 12.0.742.112

Flash Player Google Chrome

Another updates are available for popular software which are almost essential to have on your computer Flash Player and Google Chrome.

Google Chrome stable is updated to 12.0.742.112 because of some security fixes and it content latest version of Flash Player. Flash Player is update to which fixes addresses compatibility issues with some content using cross-domain policy files.

Google Chrome 12.0.742.112 has some bug fixed:

Out-of-bounds read in NPAPI string handling.
Use-after-free in SVG font handling.
Memory corruption in CSS parsing.
Lifetime and re-entrancy issues in the HTML parser.
Bad bounds check in v8.
Use-after-free with SVG use element.
Use-after-free in text selection

Last time I updated about Flash Player which was now it us updated to and it is recommended to update your Flash Player to latest release.

You can download both software from their official website or offline installer with direct download link listed below:

Download Adobe Flash Player

  • Download Flash Player offline installer (For Internet Explorer [IE])
  • Download Flash Player offline installer (For other browser)

Google Chrome 12.0.742.112 Offline Installer