Sfax – An Online Fax Service

Sfax – An Online Fax Service

There are occasions when you immediately require some documents to further your pending assignment or some other work procedures but the documents are not available with you then and need to be transmitted from other remote location.

This would invariably and preferably lead to faxing the documents electronically at the destination location. Though fax used to be a popular technology for transmitting documents, it has been replaced by its newer online version or with a browser based fax service. One such secure, fast and reliable browser based fax service that you can use to transmit and receive documents to different destinations across the world is Sfax.

Well, Sfax is a secure online fax service with which you can send and receive faxes over the web. It applies end-to-end encryption and uses your toll free number. When a fax is sent to you through Sfax it is in the encrypted form and is made available to you instantly in your online account of the Sfaxme.com website. You have to simply log in to see and print the documents that you have received through this online fax service named Sfax.

Sfax – An Online Fax Service

Also, when you require to send a fax, you can do this too very easily through Sfax. First log into the site www.sfaxme.com , fill the destination form, create a cover sheet (optional) and upload the file which you require to send. Then send the fax to the destined recipient. The receiver can access the fax using his account on Sfaxme.

Moreover Sfax is a Healthcare Information Portability and Privacy Act (HIPPA) compliant online faxing service. Thus its encryption technology makes it a totally secure faxing service and compliant to other privacy laws as well.

You can test Sfax faxing services by getting its 14 day free trial offer. When satisfied, you can go for its very affordable faxing services at $24.00 for one year of service and for upto 100 pages. Sfax also comes with other plans and premium services offers that include more pages and other services too. Sfax also has the option of custom tailoring subscription plans according to your requirements.

So you can definitely go for Sfax superior and secure online fax service if you don’t want to get into the mess of installing and maintaining a fax machine and having a dedicated fax line as well. With Sfax you can be sure of having a fast, secure and reliable online fax service.