Photo Recovery

Mac Photo Recovery Software – An Effective Way to Recover Deleted Photos

About Sony Alpha SLT-A65VK camera: High on performance Sony Alpha SLT-A65VK having 24-Megapixel offers to shoot nine frames each second. It has got high-resolution, autofocus is fast and with built-in GPS its a must want a gadget for a passionate photographers.

So, you accidentally deleted some photos, which you have captured from your Sony a (alpha) SLT-A65VK – Digital SLR camera while transferring them to your Mac!

At times, it also happens that after transferring some really alluring photos from your Sony a (alpha) SLT-A65VK – Digital SLR camera to your Mac, you accidentally deleted those photos from your machine and even formatted the memory card of your digital camera.

Well, do not panic by thinking that you have lost your photos forever, just stop using your Mac instantly after deletion and use some efficient third-party photo recovery Mac software to recover your deleted photos!

Photo Recovery

However, in such case anyone might think that how a third-party photo recovery tool can recover the photos, which are deleted permanently from your Mac. Well, the answer to this question is very simple. Like any other operating system, Mac too does not delete the data immediately after giving the command for deletion. Instead, while we delete some data or file from Mac, it deletes the pointer associated to that file initially. Since, pointer of a file contains basic entries of that file which are used by the operating system to access that file thus once the pointer is deleted, the file associated to that pointer becomes inaccessible by the operating system and it marks the space occupied by that file as free to use.

At such situation, if you keep on using the affected Mac machine then it is quite possible that the new file, which you save, occupies this mark free space. However, third-party photo recovery tools for Mac, scans this marked free space available on Mac and extracts data from there. Therefore, if you keep on using the affected Mac machine even after accidental deletion then it is quite possible that new file occupy this marked free space. Once, the deleted file is overwritten by a new file then it becomes impossible for any third-party photo recovery software to recover the deleted photo.

Therefore, follow the precaution after accidental deletion and recover your deleted photos with 100% success rate with the help of an awards winning third-party photo recovery software for Mac like Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery. The software has very intuitive user interface, which guides you throughout the photo recovery process and thus makes photo recovery a cup of tea even for a layman user. The software not only recovers deleted photos but it can also recover videos, audios, and other multimedia files. Moreover, the software is compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 – Lion.

Bio: Vishal is an expert author sharing his knowledge on photo recovery software for Mac systems.