How To Block Website on Google Chrome

How To Block Website on Google Chrome

“Internet” the most useful and widely used term in the world of technology is also one of the dangerous platforms for bad learning. There are myriad number of websites running over the web containing different types of information and content. Social networking sites are nowadays the most common among people of all class whether a child or a teenager or a youth.

If on one hand internet is providing the fastest of knowledge with useful information, on the other hand it is letting the children to get spoiled. They can easily access the content which they must not. So the protection for children from distracting their minds towards bad things has now become quite necessary.

They by mistake or knowingly land to webpages which show adult content. So to avoid them from getting carried away you can make settings in your windows which will disable the unwanted and unfaithful site from being opening in the web browser.

There is an option in windows which will block the sites you mention which you suspect your children are visiting which they shouldn’t or feel certain sites are distracting you from work or just want to remove a website from your life entirely. Although Google chrome blocks number of hazardous websites but still many are be left unblocked.

To do the settings follow the step by step instruction given below:

1. Go to the destination
C:WINDOWS\\system32\\drivers\\etc either by entering the link in the windows explorer or by following the path. There will be three files: “hosts,” “network” and “protocol.”

2. Open the Hosts file in notepad by using open with option in right-click menu of the file.

3. At the bottom of the document, add the numbers “”, followed by at least one space and then followed by the URL of the website you want to block. For example, if you want to block website “” enter the text “” at the bottom of the document without using http:// or www before the site name.

4. Save the document and restart the computer. Next time you try to open the blocked website it will show the error message.