How CRM Shares Information Between Departments

A comprehensive solution to customer relations is important to grow business. With CRM marketing, sales, management and customer service can all share data and oversee the development of customer relationships.

Business is not done in a vacuum and all elements of a company must work together to provide the customer with the best service possible. A comprehensive CRM solution helps businesses synergize marketing, sales, customer service and management so that customer needs are met promptly and effectively. By creating workflow synergy from the point of customer contact through customer service and support, CRM increases contact with customers and leads to a better customer experience.



Marketing is the first step in the customer acquisition process. The marketing arm of the business determines how the company will be presented to outside customers and how potential customers find the business. CRM systems are vital to marketers because the system can track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identify which campaigns bring the highest return on investment for marketing dollars. When a marketing campaign is not working, a CRM solution can help the marketing department to make adjustments to the campaign while it is still going on, and try to salvage a return. Marketing departments can also use CRM technology to collect customer data and synchronize that data over multiple applications from one place.


Once potential customers have been identified it is up to the sales team to convert them into paying customers. Sales teams benefit from CRM systems by receiving automated sales leads and seeing a complete picture of customer information. Armed with as much information as possible, sales teams can tailor sales pitches to best fit the needs of potential customers and increase the number of leads that become sales. By using a CRM system, sales teams can also be guided through the sales process from initial contact through the completion of the sale. This is helpful as it prevents customers from falling through the cracks and encourages the sales team to meet customer relationship checkpoints. When there has not been any activity on an account for a period of time, or whenever an important deadline is the approach, a CRM solution will prompt the correct sales person to take whatever action is necessary.

Customer Service

Customers that are unhappy will not stay customers for long. Integration of customer service into a CRM system allows companies to create a positive experience for customers after the sale. A comprehensive CRM solution can create effective call center scripts and make all information about the customer and the customer’s history of interactions with the company available with ease. This makes dealing with customer concerns easier to address and helps make the process of solving customer issues quicker.


Good oversight is the hallmark of a good company because it holds employees accountable for making sales quotas and providing excellent customer service. CRM management tools enable managers to see how employees are performing by providing up to date sales and marketing reports on demand. Management can then acknowledge and reward high performing employees and coach or motivate underperforming employees on the fly.

CRM solutions for marketing, sales, customer service and management are an important part of the modern business. By synchronizing data across the company, can make employees more productive and more efficient, and management has better tools to coordinate workflow.

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