Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Often you are interested in audio rather than watching the videos. YouTube offers you to watch the latest of videos and songs but still if you want to grab the audio out of the video then there is a software which converts the Youtube videos in mp3 format.

The Free YouTube MP3 convertor enables you to listen to the music of even those video songs whose music is not yet released and moreover it may be helpful if you are driving. The MP3 converted songs will let you enjoy the best of music.

You can use the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter to download mp3 from all possible YouTube videos. From single video to complete YouTube playlist the software can convert all. The output files are converted as MP3 or WAV files and are downloaded into the program’s folder in My Documents with the same name of the source video. Moreover, it automatically fills the title tag and the artwork in the downloaded mp3 files, which can be seen in iTunes, Winamp or just a Windows Explorer folder.

Youtube to MP3 converter

The interface is really simple with few menu buttons. You just need to enter the URL of the video and the rest it does automatically. But the program doesn’t integrate with your browser still you can opt to have it automatically pick up URLs from the clipboard thus avoiding one step of cutting and pasting. It also installs the Toolbar during the installations.

Although the processing is not so swift but still moderate conversion let you to listen to the audio voices of your favorite videos FREE of cost. The software can be useful for those who prefer listening songs rather videos and can be recommended for downloading.

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