Find Caller ID with TrueCaller

Find Caller ID with TrueCaller

You must be wonder whenever you see an unknown number is calling to you well It would be nice to know the name of that unknown caller and from where he or she is calling before receiving his or her call so there is an app name TrueCaller does it for you it finds the name of caller.

TrueCaller is not just gives you the advantage of knowing the name of unwanted caller it also gives you the advantage of Blocking the unwanted callers, spam and fraud with its feature of advanced call manager If any of the fraud, spam or unwanted numbers known to TrueCaller calls you, a “Blocked by TrueCaller” notification will appear on your screen to warn you. You can then choose whether to answer or reject the call. In your Android, Windows and Symbian phone you can even block the calls automatically by adding them to your spam list and enable call blocker.

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TrueCaller is a Caller ID app for your Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Phone device, for FREE! It enables you to match phone numbers to names, addresses, social networks, and even pictures. The application starts working whenever you make or receive a call for those numbers that are not saved in your phonebook. Within seconds TrueCaller find the information associated to that person like its name, address, region, country and even pictures or most recent status messages from Facebook or Linkedin with its new social networking features ‘fint’.

Knowing the name of unknown caller before receiving its call saves your precious time so that you can easily ignore the unwanted caller and gives you the advantage of never missing the important call.

TrueCaller works for me pretty Well with it I can address the unknown caller with its name which makes me more socialize person Example- I got a call from unknown number and TrueCaller shows it’s Mr. Smith so I can address the caller with his name like ‘Hello Mr. Smith’.

The following feature makes TrueCaller a must have application for your Smartphone:

  • The enhanced search feature will return name of prepaid phone cards and unlisted phone numbers, as well.
  • With a new added feature ‘fint’ TrueCaller Shows you the latest Facebook and LinkedIn status messages when they call you or when you call them. We will also provide instant recognition by showing their profile picture.( Only available on TrueCaller 2.x. 3G or WiFi is required for the Caller ID to work during the incoming call)
  • You can block the unwanted callers, Spam and fraud with TrueCaller so Say goodbye to annoying sales companies or expensive collect calls.
  • Well-known fraud and spam numbers already listed in the ever-growing TrueCaller database.
  • With one single click TrueCaller will detect your contacts where information is missing and add or update them. Nothing will ever be deleted, only added.
  • The TrueCaller service allows you to do number searches among over 400 million numbers worldwide and even name searches in more than 25 countries from around the world.

How to find the name of the unknown caller in your Smartphone: Open the application select your country and city, type the number of the unknown caller TrueCaller will search out the name but for this you have to enable the enhanced search option in the setting of TrueCaller.( Data connection is mandatory for search in TrueCaller).

TrueCaller is available at application stores like Nokia Store, Android Market, Windows Market Place and App Store or you can download it from ‘’ just visiting from your mobile browser.

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