Download Google Chrome 21 with Retina Support

Download Google Chrome 21 with Retina Support

Google has released latest chrome version namely Chrome 21. Google Chrome is a popular web browser, the latest version of Chrome is 21.0.1180.57 for Mac and Linux and Chrome 21.0.1180.60 for windows and Chrome Frame which are available for download.

The latest version of Chrome includes more than two dozen security fixes, among them six are high-severity flaws, three low-severity flaws, five medium-severity flaws. You can easily upgrade your Chrome to the latest release using Software’s built in silent updater or you can download Chrome 21 from

If you are MacBook Pro retina display user then you will find better clarity as Google Chrome 21 now supports retina display. Google Chrome 21 enhanced with number of features like API (Application Programming Interface) for high class video and audio communication. Chrome 21 carry WebRTC supports which help web application to access the user’s webcam and microphone.

When a Web application try to access camera or microphone Chrome will prompt request permission of user to proceed. The bar displays the prompt will also allow the user to select device to use audio and video. Google Chrome 21 launched with several impressive demonstrations with virtual xylophone that will track user real time motion through user webcam.

Bug Fixes in Google Chrome 21:

  • Cross-process interference in renderers.
  • Missing re-prompt to user upon excessive downloads.
  • Overly broad file access granted after drag+drop.
  • Off-by-one read in GIF decoder.
  • Various lower severity issues in the PDF viewer.
  • Integer overflows in PDF viewer.
  • Use-after-free with bad object linkage in PDF.
  • WebRequest can interfere with the Chrome Web Store.
  • Leak of pointer values to WebUI renderers.
  • Use-after-free in PDF viewer.
  • Out-of-bounds writes in PDF viewer.
  • Use-after-free in CSS DOM.
  • Buffer overflow in WebP decoder.
  • Crash in tab handling.
  • Out-of-bounds access when clicking in date picker.

Latest version is now available for download from Google Chrome website. If you are looking for Google Chrome 21 offline installer then you can download latest release from following direct download link.

Download Google Chrome 21 Offline Installer