Checks Website Security Before Opening with AVG LinkScanner

From the stores of AVG here comes one more marvel! No, this time not an antivirus but almost like it. It’s related to your internet security and is meant to protect you from visiting the sites that contain malicious download that you may download yourself unknowingly and may harm your own PC.

The free AVG LinkScanner is meant to provide an extra bit of protection to your PC so that you won’t follow links that are dangerous to your system. Available for free, the AVG LinkScanner gives you an alternative to install AVG Security Toolbar, that includes a Yahoo search box also. However, you are free to not to choose Yahoo as your default search engine.

The AVG LinkScanner warns you at the very first step when you Google some keywords and the site shows you the search result. In this very step, the AVG LinkScanner, alerts you about the ‘bad’ sites. But even if you accidently try to browse a potentially harmful site, The AVG LinkScanner gives a full-fledged warning.

Checks Website Security Before Opening with AVG LinkScanner

Consisting of Search-Shield and Active Surf-Shield technologies, The AVG LinkScanner protects your PC like a bodyguard who silently keep a watch on everything. The Search-Shield works to alert you against the harmful sites whenever you search on search engines like Google, etc, by placing a colored icon next to each search result. The sites which are safe to serf are accompanied by a green ’check’ mark whereas those which may cause threat to your PC are followed by a red ‘cross’ mark. To find out more details, click the respective icon.

The Active Surf-Shield sits back on every entered URL and scans the Web page behind every link that you try to browse. If site is potentially harmful for your PC or contain some malicious downloads, The AVG LinkScanner will stop the site and will show you a ‘dangerous’ alert.

But keep it in your mind that Free AVG LinkScanner does not protect you against some attacks similar to phishing, known as pharming attacks.

Anyways, the AVG LinkScanner is very useful tool to stop you from visiting host malware websites and if you want to have it in your PC, then just follow the link provided to get your free download.

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