Adium 1.5

Adium 1.5 Free Instant Messenger for Mac OS X

There is good news for the chat lovers. Adium has come up with its first ever update and has launched the updated version – Adium 1.5. Adium has given its first update in a short span of less than two years. Adium has widely gained its position as a favorite free open-source chat client for Mac OS X.

This wonderful instant messaging application, Adium is capable of supporting multiple IM protocols and thus can link you to any number of messaging accounts on virtually any sort of messaging services. Now you can have a much richer chatting experience, stay connect with your friends, share files and other stuff easily with Adium 1.5.

Adium 1.5
Adium being an open source chatting application is a third-party client for connecting to IM services hosted by other companies. One of the biggest advantages of Adium is the wide range of support for different IM services such as Google Talk, LJ Talk, Facebook Chat, Gizmo 5, MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, ICQ, MySpaceIM, Bonjour and many others. Adium has a pleasant UI with the option of Tabbed Chat Windows with which you can have multiple chats on any combination of windows. Adium comes with OS X integration which gives you Mac OS X Address Book integration and the power of variety of message display styles. Adium also has “Combined Contact” feature which is very useful if your contacts have multiple user names or a user name of different services. It has advance event notification system with “Growl” support and many other notable features as well.

The new release features many improvements, changes and bug fixes. You get to see fabulous set of new icons in the chat window and other places as well. Adium 1.5 has an improved Transcript Viewer and various user interface improvements like more flexible and easier configuration capabilities for iTunes and Address Book integration and many other UI improvements as well. You have a more updated Growl support with version 1.3. Adium 1.5 is the first release from Adium which has 64-bit support. You also have an updated libpurple (version 2.10.0).

So now you can have a better chatting experience with Adium Version1.5. With many changes, improvements and bug fixes has taken a good step forward and has improved a lot from its predecessor and is all set to provide a newly fresh and enhanced instant messaging application to you.

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