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Ad-Aware 10 Faster Protection and New Look

You must have heard about internet fraud now-a-days as the use of internet is increasing in our life the number of fraud is also increasing in this virtual space. Your might get infected to numerous of spyware while you are surfing the internet. These spyware try to steal the sensitive information from your PC like your credit card details your bank details. These spyware can even control your PC.

You are looking for an antivirus which offers comprehensive security without hinder the speed of your computer and even protect you from the ever increasing spyware on the internet then you are at the right place this post is about the antivirus software which comes along with the legendary spyware.

Ad Aware 10 Free

Ad-Aware is the antivirus which offers you the comprehensive security from external virus attack now it just got better with its newer version of Ad-Aware 10. This is a complete security suite for your computer also very lightweight so that Ad-Aware will hinder the speed of your computer. The Ad-Aware team puts lots of focus on delivering protection that won’t slow our computer.

First Look: we are not recommending you Ad-Aware just because of it lightweight and do not hinder the speed of your computer. We recommend you after going through with some test on its spyware detection process and its new interface. The interface is divided into three horizontal sections: the top contains navigation to Home, Info, and Options; the second shows you a large, protection status icon with links to dive deeper into recent protection on the right; and the majority of the interface offers additional protection tools such as gaming mode, firewall, and safe browsing. So, it is very easy to use.

Adaware - Ad-Aware free

The installation is very easy too you just need to install any Ad-Aware browser toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. There are very few differences between the paid version and the free version the paid version comes along with reputation and anti-malware filtering named Ad-Aware Personal Security 10 for $12 per year. Ad-Aware Pro Security offers e-mail, USB, a two-way firewall, and network protection at $36 per year.

If you want real time high speed protection and a legendary spyware protection you can have Ad-Aware for free but if you want some more advance features like your PC personal security over the shared network, etc then you will have to buy the paid version of Ad-Aware.

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