Lightworks: The Non-Linear Video and Audio Editing Software

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Video and Audio Editing is an essential part of film making. Non-Linear Video Editing (NLVE) or Non-Linear Audio Editing (NLAE) Technique is the most advanced and widely used techniques in film editing. It gives you a direct access to any video or audio clip for editing without having the need to go through the previous footages. Lightworks – the non-linear video editing system from EditShare; provides one of the advance and professional Non Linear Editing (NLE) system for editing of movies and television programs.

Started in 1989, Lightworks has become a leading and well known brand in the computer-based film editing application segment. The Academy and Emmy award winner, Lightworks has been recognized as one of the most advanced NLE system in the market. Presently Lightworks is in beta for its new version of NLE system and can be downloaded for free. The product is scheduled for the release soon and will have a Membership Model. It would be available for free in basic membership, for $30/year for education purpose and $60/year commercial use.

Lightworks: The Non-Linear Video and Audio Editing Software
Lightworks provides intuitive controls, user friendly toolset, real time effects, multi-camera editing features and gives 2k native support with DPX, RED and many other formats. Lightworks has an interesting instant save feature which is capable of backing up every bit of your action so as to keep your work safe even if case of system failure. It has unique set of trimming features which includes facilities such as slip and slide, ripple and roll, remove and delete, timeline trimming, dynamic trimming, etc. Lightworks has powerful GPU based effects engine which gives real time video and audio effects with primary and selective colour correction.

Lightworks has most advanced project sharing capabilities which enable editors to open each other’s works and that too with a click of a button. It delivers full-screen video output through a DVI attached LCD display and does not require a SDI hardware. Lightworks is the only NLE system which offers multi-channel ingest and supports synchronized capture making it perfectly suitable for 3D Stereoscopic projects. It has lots of other useful features to its credit as well.

So Lightworks has a whole range of professional features required to be a top class NLE tool. With some familiarity and regular usage of its GUI, features, settings and other customization options you can easily overcome the challenges presented by the application due to its unfamiliarity and with time become a master of this wonderful application Lightworks: The Non-Linear Editing System from EditShare.

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