5 Reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S II over iPhone4

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There is always a discussion which mobile to buy between Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II. It can be totally an individual choice.

Many people like iPhone because of its app store but Android App store is growing very fast and thousands of free apps are available on Android market. If you are planning to buy a phone among these but confuse which one to buy then here are 5 reasons why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S2 over iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 4Samsung Galaxy S II


1. Display Size: iPhone 4 have 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch Retina display and Samsung Galaxy S II comes with massive 4.3″ WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus screen size. Galaxy S II display quality is much better than iPhone 4.

Iphone4 and Galaxy S2 Display

2. Weight: Galaxy S II is of 4.3” display and iPhone 4 is just of 3.5” display but iPhone 4 weights 137 grams and Galaxy SII weights only 116 grams lighter than iPhone 4.

3. Processor: Galaxy S 2 runs on 1.2GHz ARMv7 dual-core processor and iPhone runs on 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 single core processor. Again Galaxy S II is much faster than iPhone 4.

4. Camera: iPhone 4 offers 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash primary camera and a secondary VGA camera for video calling. Galaxy s2 comes with primary camera of 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash and 2MP of secondary camera. Another reason to buy Galaxy S II.

5. Apps: If you are thinking that there are less apps in Android market than Apple App Store read research2guidance.com research report which says that Android market will soon overtake Apple App store. 64% of the apps on Android Market are free to download.

There are many other reason why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S II like there is no MicroSD slot in iPhone 4 and in Galaxy S II you can expend memory up to 32GB, Galaxy S II offer talk time Up to 18 h 20 min (2G) / Up to 8 h 40 min (3G) and iPhone 4 just offer Up to 14 h (2G) / Up to 7 h (3G) of talk time.

Buy Apple iPhone 4
Buy Samsung Galaxy S II

Will iPhone 4S Beat Samsung Galaxy S II?


  1. Viral says:

    Great Comparison!!!
    But ppl still judge the book by cover…

    Samsung rocks!!! :)

  2. Kyrie says:


    my personal take, just a different perspective:

    1) i beg to differ when it comes to resolution~ because retina display (on iphone 4) is confirmed to be of a higher resolution than your eye can take~ which means, any higher, you shouldn’t notice the difference~ even if you wanna compare numbers, it’s 640×960 pixels (iphone 4) against 480×800 pixels (galaxy s2) which makes it pretty obvious~ however, if you mean screen size, it wins by .8 inches~ so if you take a higher resolution on a smaller screen size, it’s pretty impossible that galaxy s2 looks better than iphone 4~ in terms of AMOLED vs retina display, it’s still debatably even~

    2) this one is pretty factual, so no comments ‘cept that i agree, galaxy is significantly lighter~

    3) tech specs are currently overrated in the world~ ppl always see the numbers but don’t see the practical side of it~ yes, a 1.2 dual core (2.4) is gonna run faster than a 1.0 single core phone~ based on the numbers you probably get it about 2.5 times faster~ that’s where ppl stop~ let’s continue on to the practical side, how fast will my app run? from approximately 5 secs to 2 secs? it’s not like the apps that you run are heavy (e.g. video editing + downloading + streaming + gaming, etc)~ suddenly, the whole tech specs part seem irrelevant because let’s be real, is 3 secs difference in running an app gonna determine the final decision whether to purchase the phone or not?

    4) this part is also pretty factual~ 8 MP vs 5MP is pretty obvious, so i agree that this is a winning point of galaxy~ but since i don’t own one, i cannot prove this point that it’s megapixels are not a definite factor to determine a camera’s effectiveness~ read either (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mpmyth.htm) or (http://andgeeks.com/google-android/gphones/when-5-megapixels-is-better-than-8-megapixels-881683/) for more info~ i think you can pretty much look up easily online as well about cameras, that lens and flash also plays a huge part~

    5) with regards to apps, lemme support your point from an updated report just last month (Jun ’11) that there are more apps on the iOS than Android BUT… (before you shoot me down), there are more downloaded apps on the Android vs iOS~ the main reason being, the Android platform is just too restrictive and troublesome for developers to want to create apps there~ ask / google any developers on this and you’ll probably confirm what i’m saying~ but there is a demand for quality Android apps which is why there’s a higher number of downloaded apps… which means that there is a market available and if a developer is willing to go through the trouble to create one for Android, he/she will stand to benefit~ but the last i heard was that to some developers, the trouble is just too much to bear~ which is why Google tries to play this area up and tell developers that there is a demand for it, it’s their plus point definitely~

    6) once again, i have to emphasize practicality~ numbers wise, galaxy wins~ but when you think about the usual lifestyle of most ppl – who charges their phones everyday, as long as the phone lasts through the day, any longer is irrelevant and perhaps sometimes a waste of money~ on a typically heavy day, you’ll probably need 24 hrs – 6 hrs (sleep) – 2 hrs (misc time e.g. traveling) – 2 hrs (lunch + dinner) = 14 hrs (work + overtime)~ and i’m being really conservative here because most of the ppl spend more than 2 hrs on misc and do not work for 14 hrs~ we haven’t even taken into consideration that ppl love to charge their phones at work~

    7) and my last point, galaxy can go up to 64 gigs while iphone is only capped at 32 gigs~ this is pretty much a 50/50 feature~ this is because if you’re someone who likes to keep tonnes of apps (which is often accompanied with app info, e.g. RPG games w/ saved games info), then sometimes the extra space is important~ but if you don’t really have tonnes of apps (and i really mean tonnes of apps, since you need like 10-20 apps on the average to fill up 1 gig depending on the app size), then this extra feature is very much irrelevant~ UNLESS, you have tonnes of songs / videos instead~! haha~ definitely didn’t overlook this point~ so far i’ve been on 16 gig iphone and ipad and unless i dump my itunes library into them (which i usually don’t), the only apps that i found to be really big is “All of Wikipedia” (2 gigs), “Harry Potter Wizardry” (2 gigs)~ most of the apps are of the size 10 MB to 100 MB (usually)~

    • When it comes to apps, i guess we should consider the fact that iOS has been in existence for a lot more time than android. Android has come a long way in very less time. Give it as much time as iOS, i think its market will have as many quality apps(if not more) as iOS has.

    • My wfe owns a 4
      I own the SGSII T989
      1) I dont like the pixel resolution on my sgs2, but when placed side by side with my wifes 4, he SGSII looks way better. Definitely more vibrant and clear. I use her phone from time to time.
      3) I disagree. Speed is everything when it comes to smart phones. The 4 is constantly lagging and apps become unresponsive. Def a big thumbs down as a lot of iPhone and Android users alike heavily use photo editing software and other apps.
      4) Putting the specs aside, the sgsii takes better pics than the 4. My wife agrees on this and she is a hardcore apple fangirl. 5) There’s a lot of Apps for things on Android for things as u said, but they are for things like third party keyboards, emoji, mp3 download, custom widgets and other things. So you are partially right but thats not a bad thing. Android can be difficult to work with, ur right, because there are too many different models and operating systems to deal with, and a lot of low end android phones. Apps have bugs on certain models and OS so it may be troublesome. Apple, however, is where the money is at if ur a dev.
      6) i disagree again. Battery use is a huge issue. Now ur just talking like a biased fan boy. Ask anyone, and battery usage is an issue. Its funny, i know too many people who walk around with battery dead iPhones. I carry an extra battery around for my Galaxy S2, and they are slim and fit in any pocket. Iphones dont have a removable battery cover. The Galaxy S2 is also a battery saver. My wifes battery kills so fast. It gives her a headache. We can’t ignore the importance of battery usage.
      7) Storage is super important for all cell phone users. For the SGSII, I have to complain that most apps cannot be stored on the sd card. When they are on the sd card though, and u plug in the usb to transfer files, the apps on the sd become unusable for the moment until u remount it. This is especially annoying when I’m in my car, since I use my phone as an mp3 player for my car stereo and need to use my walkie app (Voxer) but it is on my sd. I’d rather have a ton od internal storage but the sgsii only comes with 12gb
      Chris Long recently posted…Dustin Rhodes at the gymMy Profile

  3. Nuaman says:

    I have used iphone 4 for a year and got galaxy s2 two days ago to try it out.
    I was very disappointed to discover that iphone 4’s camera is still better; it gives a more crisp, sharp and clear results. I took photos on both iphone 4 and galaxy s2 and looked at them on my laptop, the difference was obvious; iphone’s photos were very impressive.

    Super amoled display shows over enhanced colours that are not natural or realistic and on the other side iphone’s display being high in resolution produces very smooth and natural display of things.

    I still like iphone’s keypad; it is just a pleasure to use; quick and smooth.

    Galaxy s2 sometimes takes sone time to open gallery and takes ages to delete multiple emails. Processor speed on paper looks impressive but in actual use its a different story.
    I must admit that use of internet is better on galaxy s2.

    Overall, i am still in love with my iphone 4 and galaxy s2 has not been able to make a concrete impression.

    • Anne_droid says:

      it’s good for you that you love your iphone 4 but I have no idea what phone you have tested and it is complete nonsense that the Gallery sometimes takes long to open and the deletion of multiply Emails too (I OWN one and I DID TEST it several times!!!)! The only reason why you think the display shows over enhanced colours that are not natural or realistic is coz the iphone 4 is DULL!!

      • nuaman says:

        I have tested 3 different ””SAMSUNG GALAXY S2””’ and deleting multiple emails takes lot longer than on the iphone; I don’t know if you have tried that on iphone 4?

        Obviously it is a fact that AMOLED shows colours that are over enhanced, so your opinion won’t make a difference here. Take a picture of a colourful object and have a look at that objact and galaxy s2 screen, you will clearly see the difference.

        I can only laugh at the reason you gave for me thinking that samsung galaxy s2’s colours are enhanced. Iphone 4; the screen with the highest resolution and ‘DULL’…LOL.

        All the best

        • Goose says:

          I have to say that the samsung galaxy s2 is an amazing phone! The iphone 4 is in comparison, shit. I have used both for the same amount of time and the samsungs photo quality far outshines the iphones camera! As for the emails, it’s really quick to delete! Plus the gallary is REALLY, REALLY quick to open. Maybe you’re getting the phones mixed up as the samsung galaxy s2 is a far better phone! If anyone is having a difficult time to choose between the phones, it’s your choice, but if you want a phone that is lighter, better quality, faster, cheaper and will last longer, then I would without a doubt get the samsung galaxy s2 over the iphone 4 or any other iphone.

  4. Anne_droid says:


    “.. galaxy s2 has not been able to make a concrete impression.”

    I dunno how you can come to that conclusion mate, seem like you are just another iphone/apple slave!

    • aiman says:

      the slave will remain slave whatever we said..to said that iphone is better because they own one rather than accepted the truth is so pathetic.. my bro own iphone..me own galaxy..we compared..what we can say..galaxy win no matter how apple slave u are…

      • nuaman says:

        People own one because they find it better. Have you owned one? Truth is relative, depends on what one prefers. I want high resolution screen, great looking apps and games, simplicity, solid design, great camera and I have found iphone 4 to be better; obviosly i want something better and I thought galaxy s2 might be the one but no after trying it. Only 1 thing is enough to put me off galaxy s2: the battery takes forever to charge and if you use it while on charge it keeps losing charge! Galaxy has some advantages over iphone 4 but it is the overall performance, practicality and efficiency where iphone 4 has the edge. There is a reason my friend that Apple sold 20 million iphones in quarter 2 of 2011. How many galaxy s2 were sold?

        • Great, the resolution is slightly different… how about performance.. TWICE AS MUCH RAM and Double the processor in the 4s. Not even an argument. the 4s wins.

        • Goose says:

          Well, thats where you are WRONG nuaman! the samsung galaxy s2 charges really quickly and is an amazing phone! If you’re going to comment on these forums, then you should at least tell the truth! Have you ever considered actually buying a samsung galaxy s2 because by the sounds of it, you have never even owned one! You clearly know nothing about phones!

    • nuaman says:

      LOL… I came to that conclusion after using both handsets.

      I will be out of Apple’s slavery whenevr there is a better mobile phone OVERALL.

    • Zanonymous says:

      Seems like apple fans are brain washed with apples technology and can’t see for them selfs a better well built product other then apples I mean come on I asure you that the iPhone is not better then the Samsung galaxy s2 lots of reasons more then 10 if I had to list them sure the iPhone 4/4s are good but seriously you should not always stick to one good product their are also other product that are good change the way you think you may someday succeed in life if not blame it on apple . Someday evrey thing will make sense if not now.

  5. Booger says:

    The 4.3″ Galaxy II is huge and its not a plus… its the same res as the horribly large GalaxyI which I have. Retina display is easily sharper, AMOLED is easily richer colors and black blacks… I want to see both technology on the same screen!

    I’d never go for a phone with a screen larger than 4″… If the 4″ screen was edge to edge, it would be more pocket friendly. Its a pain to constantly trying to get my phone out of the pocket before it stops ringing.

    Theres other issues with Samsung and Android… but that is pages.

    Also you are comparing a phone that is a year older… :)

    • Koner says:

      good point man…..too good!!!!!
      your pockets are too small…..time to change it dear….lol!!!!
      or i think companies should stop producing large screen mobiles.
      pockets are too lame an excuse to write against a handset….come up with a better reason next time……!!!!!

  6. Rzsafg says:

    Iphone 5 with edge to edge glasses lookg going to be very fragile. I love my iphone 4. But next i am going for samsung. The only reason is, i find appple fans are too proud And arrogant. I don want to be one of them

  7. Booger says:

    My Samsung fell out of my pocket, fell about 2 feet… and the screen shattered.

    • anthony says:

      Obviously there was something wrong with your screen because ive dropped mine from at least 2 feet about 4 times and its still perfect. The S2 has gorilla glass (which is another positive that should be added to the list) which should have protected it. Its really weird that yours broke like that. Also, ive seen multiple tests on youtube showing the S2 to be more durable than the Iphone 4. From 2 feet, iphone shattered and from like 5, s2 was fine.

    • Yes, you are right, you can drop galaxy s2 from 3 or 4 feet and it is still in tact

  8. Apple iphone ex-user says:

    i don’t know. i love my iphone, but everything on the samsung is better. camera, apps, weight, screen. the only gripe is that the keyboards commma is replaced by i dono what some microphone thingy. but then again, being android, i think u can find an app that improves it

    • nuaman says:

      ”…but everything on the samsung is better”

      I found iphone 4’s camera a lot better. You can never beat the apps on app store. weight…yes. Screen… yes and no. For size yes but colours and resolution, no. The biggest nightmare of galaxy s2 is charging the battery.

      • I really don’t see a problem with charging the galaxy, it seems to carge fast enough. Plus, my two brothers who have iphones seem to need a recharge sooner than I do. I do prefer the way the iphone feels in your hands compared to the Galaxy S2, but I still prefer the Galaxy over the iphone.

  9. Ihate apple says:

    Guys who have iphone 4,ita a pure wasteoff money and its fucking expensive, as compared to $2 its abrilliant smartphone,apple was sooo afraid of it that it delayed tbe launch of iphone 5 lolaaaa rofllll ahahahHaha ihone suxxx in all aspect , AND THE WINNER IS GALAXY S2

    • I have this phone. It’s awesome. I don’t think I’d ever go back to an Iphone. They’re both good, but you can get a much better phone for the price if you steer from apple.

  10. Ihate apple says:

    That microphone thing is used for voive commands, I can use voice command feature of my Samsung Galaxy s 2 to input words without even typing Them. now how is that apple iPhone?

  11. Ihate apple says:

    Absolutely,apple users are fucking retard- good for nothing. any time Samsung Galaxy s2 is the best smartphone in this whole world.

  12. The only thing the iphone and all apple products will be better at is media and thats it. Just because they have itunes.

  13. aiman says:

    i see itunes is just a normal thing..no wooaahh thing…same thing like other thing….

  14. Jeremy says:

    Stop comparing ap stores unless you download millions of aps the vast majority of them are repeats. Seriously on both ap stores there are hundreds of aps for weather, time, facebook/social networking update screens. If you delete all the clones the ap stores are very similar in size

  15. Pow_G says:

    Stop arguing about camera.. Want better pic.. get a DSLR..

  16. DaedalusMinion says:

    To all saying that Apple fans are a bunch of arrogant fools, yes some of them are.
    But majority of the people using iPhones are not.
    I have owned an iPod, iPhone, iPad 2, etc.
    They were amazing to use, to say the truth.
    But they were like the same things with bigger screens.
    Now, I set out to buy a new phone after my iPhone 4 fell in the river (literally).
    I compared everything I could find, now I’m a technical person and compare everything to the minutest details before I even consider buying it.
    I compared and compared and bought the Galaxy S2.
    Best decision I ever made.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPad 2, it’s my constant companion.
    But for a phone, there is NOTHING better than the Galaxy S2 in the market.
    We’ll see when the iPhone 5 comes out, but frankly, I don’t think that will beat this.
    As for Nuaman, he seems like those people who feel its ‘cool’ to own an Apple product.
    Sure it is, when it makes sense.
    As for the AppStore, it is currently better, but Android Market is coming up fast.
    Like really fast.

    • nuaman says:

      ”As for Nuaman, he seems like those people who feel its ‘cool’ to own an Apple product.”

      I respect your opinion but I’m afraid, totally wrong. I have never felt attatched to a brand but with what they deliver.

      ”We’ll see when the iPhone 5 comes out, but frankly, I don’t think that will beat this.”

      You are a technical person and giving a judgement about iphone 5 which you have not had your hands on yet…

      The problem is that people don’t look at the overall package:
      Here are the things that I compared:

      Simplicity, efficiency, design, feel, display, BATTERY, itunes, app store/market, security, camera.

      Yes GS2 is blazing fast but not always such as while deleting multiple emails and loading the gallery when it has a reasonable number of photos/videos in it. Customation is endless but gets boring. Android OS is cluttered and not efficient. There are security issues. IOS is simple and more efficient, yes notifications is a big down but will be fixed. Itunes a big advantage, app store is ages ahead. I prefer iphone’s design; solid and has a nice feel. Superamoled does not show natural colours; looks nice but for a while, for me not better than iphone’s highest reslution. Charging battery on samsung s2 is a problem. It is disappointing to find a year old phone’s 5MP camera better than the 8MP camera of a latest phone.

      Anyway, the argument goes on and on. Everybody has their personal choice and no one should be imposing their views.

      You found GS2 better whereas Im on the opposite side that means we have different personal expectations from a phone.

      All the best

      • Sensei says:

        Nuaman buddy, the more you argue… the more you look like a retarded fanboy. The guy said ”We’ll see when the iPhone 5 comes out, but frankly, I don’t think that will beat this.” He’s not passing judgement, he’s stating an opinion which can be changed once he sees the iPhone 5. Stop nitpicking to back up your point.

        You’re also sorta wishy washy, at first you were talking about how processor speed looks good on paper but in practical use it’s a different story. Now you’re saying GS2 is “blazing fast”? Deleting multiple emails takes a while huh? What are you deleting from? Inside the browser on a mobile website? LOL. There’s a select all button inside the Gmail app, or you can check mark multiple messages. Click delete and it’s done. Explain in detail to us how deleting multiple emails takes a long time so we can show you what you’ve been doing wrong. Loading the Gallery takes a while… yes if you had the pictures on an SD card. Or if you had a bunch of crap on both the SD card and internal storage. GS2 scans the internal storage and the SD card, the iPhone–oh wait. iPhone CAN’T take an SD card. What? Lots of photos/videos/music on your phone? iTunes running out of space? Start hitting that delete button, no SD card swap for joo.

        Hmmm… here’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one, “Customation is endless but gets boring.” Let’s dissect that one a bit shall we? Customization is endless… as in there are infinite possibilities. But within those infinite possibilities it’s boring. iOS has NO customization, a finite amount of possibilities… what attribute should we give it? Surely something below the realms of boring? Let’s skip that for now and talk about security issues. You think that Macs and iOS don’t have viruses? I’m not going to answer that for you. By me asking the question, it’ll prompt you to use Google, your trusty friend to enlighten yourself. Go forth my child, free your mind. “iOS is simple” as in restrictive? lacking in features? dumbed down? App store… 500k vs Play Store of 400k. Will you find the 100k different apps for me, I’d really like to know what I’m missing. *wink*

        Display… Yes retina display is higher resolution, things should look crisper not smoother like you said in your first post. GS2’s colors are more vibrant, richer, warmer. iPhone 4/4S are dull, they don’t show natural colors either Nuaman. While we’re talking about displays, Motorola has some phones with qHD displays, Google Nexus has a 720P HD display. Your retina display is now sitting in a paltry 3rd place.

        Nuaman what have you been smoking my friend? To see better pictures being taken with your iPhone 4’s camera. Not even a 4S, but a 4. Have you seen Endgadget or CNet’s review of the GS2, or any other reviews of the GS2? The camera is one of the most impressive features on the GS2. The camera on your iPhone 4 is probably comparable the Nexus’ camera, cuz we all know that has a pretty crappy camera. I’ve taken pictures with a 4S and a GS2, side by side, taking photos of the same thing and GS2 was much better. So I guess you’re claiming the camera on the iPhone 4 is better than on the 4S. ANOTHER reason why people shouldn’t by the 4S. *wink* As for charge times, SG2 has a charging chip limiter that charges the battery slower as to preserve the life of the battery longer. Custom ROMs and Kernels can change these settings.

        Yes everybody has their personal choice and opinions, but remember to state it as such. Don’t state your opinions as fact, which you’ve been doing. Last note, give credit where it’s due. If it’s a great device but not your cup of tea, simply state so. Like for me, I’ll give credit to the iPhone 4/4S as being an absolutely GREAT paperweight, comes in handy on windy days. 😛

      • Goose says:

        It’s kind of lame the way you continuously use the “slow gallery and slow deletion of emails” over and over agin. Especially as these are not problems, more just things you made up to get attention. There are soooooooooooo many problems with the iphones, yet you are still thinking they are better than samsung s2! well i guess thats your loss!

  17. I’m pretty much sure that you don’t own Samsung Galaxy S2. Same here, but different result. I’ve tested my friends S2 and I have to admit the S2 is insanely faster than my iPhone. But my old Nokia 3310 is much faster than S2. 😀

  18. i have both iphone 4 & sgs2 also galaxy tab and ipad so i’m always be a winner!

  19. farzin says:

    I am so sad i changed my htc sensation with galaxy s2, in htc dialing was so easy and comfort for inteligent keyboard if you wanna dial a number only with the first keis entered you will reache to entire phone contact list or incomming and outgoing list and will have soon dial your number, but in galaxy sometimes i decide to through out the phone for accessing to dialed number or finding a contact from memory.

  20. I had 16 phones in one year 8 of them were iphones, searching for the perfect phone to suite my needs. My check list consisted of, physical phone quality, display quality, efficiency, speed, app store, battery and endurance. Everytime i think there would be a phone good enough, I sell and fall back to to iphone until I was so impressed with the Galaxy S2 on paper that I bought one. Had for 3 days and got me an iphone again. My opinion is that iphone makes quality and the reason other companies dont is that they are at risk if they to manufacture an expensive item and it dont sell. Apple is the monopoly in the industry, they started with quality and if they to start making crap, people will still buy. Overall iphone with its ios is still the best. Its not only preference but affordability too. tx

    • Goose says:

      The fact that you had 8!!!!!!!!!!!! iphones is just proof that they are shit phones! THEY BREAK SOOOO EASILY! SAMSUNG IS WAY BETTER!!!!

      • Nelson says:

        Well what’s that say about you???? You break a phone 7 times and went back to it an eighth time?? Not to bright if you ask me. Lmao!!

  21. You used “then” twice when it should have been “than.” Better than, not better then.

    I’m ditching my iPhone for Galaxy S II.

  22. I love my iphone4. I purchased ipod before 7 years, from that time i am a fan of apple. I saw galaxy s2 , it is a smart phone but no match with iphone at all. Apple got there own reputation in the Hi-Tech, whereas samsung is making washing machines, trucks , watches , buildings and now they started making phones and mp3 players . Dont forget that Steve Jobs , it is still all his blessings that we are using iphone,samsung etc.
    I will never go for samsung ever in my life, even if i will get one for free.. am gonna sell it and will buy apple device.
    My personal NO APOLOGIES to samsung craps…!

    • junior says:

      Your just an fan boy bro. You will never buy a samsung product? Need I remind you that samsung haves the best smart tv’s powered by android software/google. When did apple make a television close to that. I bet if someone gives you a 65 inch led samsung smart tv you’ll piss on yourself from joy.

    • Goose says:

      Well maybe you should get your facts straight! fact 1: IPHONES ARE SHIT! fact 2: IPHONES ARE SHIT! and fact 3: IPHONES ARE SHIT!

  23. I don’t see why you’re all putting eachother or your phones down when it all essentially comes down to what your prefer in a phone. Just because one person prefers an iphone doesn’t make them a slave or wrong to have that phone and vice versa for the galaxy s2.

  24. It’s really what phone works best for you. But, you really can get a better deal with the Galaxy SII. They have equal processors, the SII has TWICE as much Ram, and I got mine for a penny. Compared to the $200.00 for the iphone.

  25. Christopher says:

    I just got a Samsung galaxy y. It is freaking pissing me off. I used to have an iphone 2g and It meant the world to me. Even though it is easier to download better stuff on ma galaxy y now without needing a credit card, on my iphone I could still download stuff without a credit card cause it was jailbroken . Iphone will forever be the best and no one can change that. My iphone was freezing less. My galaxy freezes all the time. My iphone had a hundred times better apps, and funny thing is that they where free. Android pepz are just making excuses like the android market is still getting full soon and it will soon past Iphone. Truth is, android market sucks especially on ma phone. I want to buy an Iphone 4s which is definitely better than all the galaxy’s combined together. Almost Every smart phone being made now copied Iphone, they copied the way it was designed with fully touch screen, and copied the way the apps are arranged, and copied the GUI in some ways. Without Iphone we would all still be using phones like Blackberry and calling it the best thing that ever happened to us. Iphone will forever rule even if it collapses . Show some respect for apple and Iphone, they have taken our technology to another level.

  26. Go for the iPhone! i support Apple products, they drive innovation and competition. I for one will buy the better product though which it happens to be at the time. In this case I own the Galaxy S2 and Nexus. Both run rings around the iphone 4s which all my iphone family and friends agree. :)

    • Roger says:

      “Apple products, they drive innovation and competition” – my goodness!
      This is like the double-speak of 1984!

      Apple famously sue everyone they can, there is a saying in the IT world that Apple employ more lawyers than IT staff.
      Just read up on the Xerox UI case years ago.

      No – Apple stifle competition by stealing good ideas and suing anyone who comes near them.

  27. junior says:

    Androids are better overall. You could do way more with androids than iphone media wise. Like Bluetooth sharing, watching videos with flash players, apps that download music into your music library for FREE. I mean iphone is a great phone but the galaxy is way better. The iphone is made cheaply in designs and stuff the screen shatters easily and the back to, iphone can’t compare to the gorilla glass on the samsung galaxy s2.

  28. Goose says:

    IF you’re buying a phone, get the samsung galaxy s2! I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed! if you choose to get an iphone 4, REALLY BAD CHOICE!!! i guarantee you will regret not getting the samsung!

    • Naniwa says:

      sorry dude i owned a galaxy s2 ….. my phone freezes under the sun… seeked warranty but they say that they can’t help me. i don’t own any apple products but i really feel like breaking my Samsung. 1.2g proccesor is good but why does it still hang ? and only 600 F***ing ram on the latest official ICS update ? galaxy s2 big dissapointment for me. going for a nokia lumia now 😀 and overall i just don’t like apple. now that steve jobs is dead i was hoping there would be no more apple products. It’s just too overpriced. and one more thing ….. The apps on google play store is SO BORING. i’ve seen apple users have more fun apps than the playstore. really i’ve been checking the playstore everyday for something reasonable to occupy my time but all i see is repeats of older apps getting advertised.

  29. Kartik Chelani says:

    I think that android market is not at all looks like a app store. Whenever I open it, it feels like I am in a fish market. Everything has been put there just for the sake of increasing the counting. On the other side, apple app store is really cool and organised. apps for iOS have got damn good quality I must say. Try out a game “Falldown” in both android and iOS device and you’ll see the difference yourself in audio, motion, graphics, sensitivity and fun!!! 😀 😉

  30. Skan says:

    so let’s clear this:
    iPhone 5 will suck like 4s, while other smartphones companies are getting out quad-core cpu’s 2gb ram HD amoled displays (1280 x 720) and a lot of other features and liberty to do something on your phone, iphone still launches the same phone over and over again and they say that is revolutionary, it’s not, iphone hardware is samsung’s hardware…cpu’s ram and memory nand (samsung’s technology), retina display from ipod and iphone are made by lg…the one from ipad are made by samsung, almost same design…oh yeah the frame was changed, same OS, it looks the first and oh…they added a background image…
    Apple in term of build material is weak, i don’t see any component except chasis that can resist to a shock or 1 meter high, iPhone just cracks. I saw somebody here who said that galaxy s2 crack’s, it is impossible to crack because the display is made of plastic not glass so you need a very high shock to crack that…more like a hammer than a fall

    Samsung is now the world most powerful company in terms of technology, smartphones, tv and even more.
    Samsung has an revenue of 256 billion dollars so Apple is not the richest!

    Apple is just marketing….just think that @ iOS 5 or iphone 4s they use a dirty trick when loading pages! It shows that it’s done,  but in fact its still loading! Just see the circular loading indicator at the top bar!

    Apple isn’t even original…the first smartphone with touchscreen was LG Prada now iphone, the first tablet pc was made by Microsoft first, most of the new iOS’s are stolen from android ex: Notification bar/area, panorama photos and more.

    It’s kinda funny that developers first make apps for iOS and makes you snobs buy it and then they release it on android for free, irony

    The screen from galaxy s2 is over iphone’s, it has colors with high depth, on iphone the color black is like a grey, on galaxy s2 is really black and so like with the other colors, while technology evolves apple still stick to that crappy LCD while LED becomes the most popular, and don’t forget that LED’s power consumption is lower that LCD’s.

    And one last thing the battey, apple was so innovative that in the brand new phone of the day iphone 4s had the same battery as iphone 4 but in both cases galaxy s2 last longer and another prof that apple is lying is that the iphone 4s does not have a 1.0 ghz cpu, cpu can support that frequency but what they didn’t told you was that iphone 4s is clocked to 800mhz.
    So why would i buy a 800-1000$ phone while i can take 2-3 GS2 better than iphone

  31. Joe Jones says:

    Good article. The Samsung craps all over the iphone in my opinion. People just buy apple because they are slaves to fashion, not because its better, because it simply isn’t. Add to the iphone the fact you have all their stupid restrictions like having to use the braindead itunes, not been able to drag and drop your music, there is no competition, the samsung is simply superior in every way.

  32. raheel says:

    samsung s2 is the best campare iphone 4

  33. callum says:

    My mu had an iphone it was really good but i got an samsung galaxy s2 it was even better it has better photos its bigger its lighter its got bettr screen quality sure the app store isnt as good but you can find most games and the samsung has more things so the samsung wins for me

  34. Not getting in on this discussion of which phone is better because, as the author said, it can be a VERY personal choice. The article is geared toward someone like me, who has been shopping around. Honestly, I have looked into both phones, and from most reports, and from side by side comparisons, the Samsung wins. If you’re like me, and just looking for the best phone I can get for the money, well, Samsung wins hands down. That is the ONE HUGE win that wasn’t mentioned in this article. I went looking for new iphone 4S and new Samsung Galaxy SII phones, unlocked (because who would pay contract prices, when there are companies like Straight Talk out there?). The Iphones were upwards of 700 dollars on ebay, while the SII Skyrockets were in the 300-400 dollar range. That’s a HUGE savings. I don’t get what all the Apple hype is about. To me, it seems they have a massive mark-up just for their name, which is crazy talk. I ended up choosing the Samsung over the Apple.

  35. nicamatienzo says:

    had both apple and samsung.
    had 4 androids already.
    never bought an iphone again.
    now i have sg2 and im so much contented.
    No explanations needed. SAMSUNG SG2 IS THE BEST. IPHONES ARE OVERRATED! WHATEVER YOU SAY APPLESLAVES , better try sg2 first before talking shit about it. youll be eating your words about your toy iphone.

    i will be upgrading to sg3 soon :)

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