Fujitsu's FingerLink

Turn Paper into Touch Screens through Fujitsu’s FingerLink

Technology advancements have changed the way we work and spend our time. We have already seen how computers, laptops, tablets and Smartphones have redefined our lives. Things which we only could have imagined have become a reality today. And now it’s the turn of gestural interfaces to transform the way we read and do scanning of printed information. Fujitsu has developed an interaction system that makes dumb paper really smart. Named as Fujitsu’s FingerLink, the device turns your paper into touch screens.

Fujitsu’s FingerLink employs image processing software and lets your finger control scanner and projector for printed information. It transforms a dumb paper into a smarter variant. The Fujitsu’s FingerLink Interaction System uses a webcam, computer, a projector, image processing software and delivers a new user interface making a piece of paper into a smart touchscreen.

Fujitsu’s FingerLink is still under development stage, and Fujitsu has come out with a prototype model of the device. The company has planned further development of the device incorporating manipulation of 3D CAD data before rolling out FingerLink Interaction System in fiscal 2014.

Fujitsu's FingerLink

Fujitsu’s FingerLink actually is capable of accurately detecting the position of your fingers as you swipe or touch any form of printed information or matter. With Fujitsu’s FingerLink, you can copy text or images and can also project the copied text or images elsewhere. Apart from this you can also adjust and vary the size of images with the help of fingertips.

Fujitsu’s FingerLink can be really useful if you want to extract specific pieces of text or images. It can be used to leaf through a newspaper and can even turn book pages into paper touch screens. The Fujitsu’s FingerLink technology gives you about 300mm per second fingertip tracking speeds thereby enabling you to do natural finger movements. The new technology in Fujitsu’s FingerLink lets you do scanning with the help of your fingertips.

All-in-all Fujitsu’s FingerLink looks to be a fantastic and useful innovation. It provides an interactive system which can easily transform a paper into a touchscreen.