Google with a Trio series of Nexus; Nexus 10, Nexus 4, Nexus 7

Technology providers look to the future

With being so used to modern technology such as the smartphone or tablet, and being unable to stop ourselves from using them for long periods of time, you might take for granted the fantastic things these devices do for us and the amount of entertainment they provide us on a daily basis. Though these devices were only made available five years ago, with Apple’s iPhone being the first success story in the smartphone’s history – even though it wasn’t the first to come out, many more such tablets and smartphones have been released and most of them have been pretty successful as well.

Since their release, so many improvements have been made to the different technologies inside our devices, allowing us to do things such as surf the web just like we would on our home computers. With these major improvements it’s hard to see how we would live without such devices in our lives, just for simple things such as finding your way somewhere when you don’t know the directions. It’s so easy to now find them and have your phone take you places without ever questioning if it’s going the right way.

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As well as being useful and helping us in our day to day lives, mobile technology has allowed us to be entertained no matter where we are or what we are doing. With a simple look around the app store you can easily find many different games that are free and easy to play. One genre of games that is very popular now is the online casino games genre; with so many great games available as well as the amazing feeling of winning real money when you get lucky. Don’t be daunted if you feel like taking a bit of practice before putting cash on the table though – you can practice for free as much as you want with Lucky Nugget, found here:

But how can we move forward with our technology? With something called cloud computing we can take our normal home computer experience and take it to wherever we are. That is because the contents of your computer are stored on a server; when you want to log into it you just access the server via the internet, allowing you access to all your files whenever you want. This does seem like a huge jump from what we are experiencing now but who would have thought you could log into.