openSUSE Linux gets Updated to Version 12.1

Developers of Linux distribution openSUSE have updated the operating system to version 12.1 with much improvement and added features after eight months of robust development. openSUSE one of the well known open distributed Linux operating system is now based on the new 3.1 kernel.

openSUSE 12.1 brings upgrades to the latest Free Software desktop and server technologies with unique features. New version also offers the GNOME 3.2 shell along with KDE, Xfce and LXDE desktop flavors. Let’s explore the new features in detail.


GNOME 3.2: GNOME 3.2 is an improved and refined version of the GNOME Shell 3. The new improvements done on GNOME3.2 includes better handling of smaller screens and multi-screen setups, better notifications and a centralized online accounts configuration, Document manager, quick preview in the Nautilus file manager, enhanced color management and automatic rotation for touch screen devices.

KDE now comes with new KolorManager + Oyranos, KPackageKit replacement Apper for simplifying installation and removal of applications and Plasma Active, a tablet computer project.

XCFE and LXDE: The updated version includes better theming and desktop integration as well as an improved selection of applications part of the default selection for each desktop.

Latest web and cloud technologies: This openSUSE release introduces the latest web browsers, the Horde 4 Groupware framework and updated cloud- and virtualization technologies and includes goodies like Chromium 17 and Firefox 7 installed as default. OpenSUSE can now run directly on Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers.

Another major feature to the new version is Snapper, a snapshot feature based on an update to the Linux b-tree file system which allows users to make space efficient copies of files, which they can then view or revert back to easily, making this an important backup and restore tool.

New boot system called ‘systemd‘: openSUSE 12.1 Linux now comes with both new boot system called ‘systemd’ which controls and speeds up the boot process.

There are some other minor updates also made in the new version. Overall, the distribution now allows better usage and fast speeds to the system and the company is still endeavoring hard to further enhance the software.

Download openSUSE 12.1