New Kinect 2 will Read the Lips and Support Windows 8

New Kinect 2 will Read the Lips and Support Windows 8

Microsoft the top notch software brand is ready with its new innovation of Kinect 2. The device will be able to read the lips and will perform the actions accordingly. Company is planning to release a next-generation Kinect 2 device which will come bundled with future Xbox consoles.

The Kinect 2 will now detect emotions and read lips apart from reading gestures while playing games or controlling movies. It will be able to analyze user’s mood by combining facial expressions with the volume and pitch of the user’s voice thus offering enhanced motion sensing and voice recognition.

The USB cable used normally can only transmit 16MB/s of data limiting the camera’s resolution to 320 x 240 at 30fps which created some issues regarding speed. But this time the kinect 2 may be using either USB 3.0 (which can transmit 400 MB/s) or Intel’s Thunderbolt (700MB/s) which would remove such limitations.

Further the Kinect will now be compatible with the Windows 8 and will be available for Windows in early 2012. The beta Kinect SDK for Windows have been around for a while and almost 200 companies have agreed to take part in the pilot program and there is a contest of $20,000 for the top-ten companies/individuals for making the best interface of the motion viewing. Now the Windows will operate according to your instructions and movements.

There is also a speculation that Microsoft’s Kinect motion and voice control system, currently available for the Xbox 360 may soon be built into televisions. Company is working to deal with television making companies like Sony and Vizio to develop the TVs with kinect compatibility which would recognize specific users allowing TV to adjust various settings automatically in line with a user’s viewing habits.

Currently, Xbox 360 Kinect owners can browse their Netflix queues and more by making gestures with their arms or using a number of voice commands but with this new innovation the TVs viewers will also be able to carry out operations of TV just by making hand movements and body gestures. Microsoft is ready to combat with the Apple’s Siri-controlled television if it releases the Kinect– enabled televisions.

There is much eagerness and wait of the next generation Kinect which would take the world of gaming to much higher level. Microsoft is endeavoring hard for its new release of Kinect 2 and let’s hopes that its wait for availability to the common user will be soon over.