Latest Fitness Apps For Android Smartphones

Latest Fitness Apps For Android Smartphones

With the latest jelly bean update, all the Android smartphones are being upgraded with many fascinating apps out of which are the fitness apps to keep a track of your health regime. We have written about some health apps before here is another list of health apps which are updated recently.

Here are the latest fitness apps to guide you in improving your health:

1. Runkeeper/Endomondo: These are the best suited applications for sportsmen to track the speed and distance covered. These fitness apps secure a voluminous user-based commune. Both the apps are sports tracing apps out of which Endomondo assistances you personally. It stores your personal record and keeps a continuous check up-to-date and finally concludes your practice result. This is a multi-podium app which is pre-loaded in all HTC Android smartphones.

2. Lose it: It’s an interesting app to achieve day-to-day targets. It records your exercise schedule, the calories contained in your daily diet and many other logs. This data can be maintained confidentially or can share with your community by presenting them the tips and tracks. This app lets you to spread the data in Microsoft excel sheet layout so that you can monitor the result in a lasting way.

3. Calorie counter: The most note-worthy part when you track fitness is the diet you intake should possess a minimum no. of calories. Now, it is possible with this app to detect the calories in your food. It’s the perfect app for those who give more importance to health and fitness. This app is put out and sustained by This keeps you informed about low calorie foods that you need to consume and reminds you each time the no. of calories your food hold so that you don’t exceed the limit.

Latest Fitness Apps For Android Smartphones

4. Fooducate: It’s a trainer that educates you upon the food which is good for your body and which is not. This gives you a decent analysis to decide on. This app was designed by dieticians. This leaves you voice reminders if you overeat as using this app, you can maintain a systemised manner of eating.

You can see that all the apps are interrelated as when you are on a diet programme, several aspects stand requisite which include the food you intake, exercise you practice & specific isometrics are to be followed so as to endure fair effects.  All the Android users can catch these apps on Google play store.

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