iPhone 5, not much a change

iPhone 5, Not Much A Change

After long wait and many leaked photographs, Apple has finally launched the iPhone 5 on 12th September 2012 in San Francisco. It will be available in the market from 21st September 2012. iPhone 5 is priced at $199 for the 16 GB model, $299 for 32 GB model and $399 for 64 GB model.

iPhone 5, not much a change

As compared to iPhone 4S iPhone 5 has a screen of 4-inch retina display (326pixels per inch with a resolution of 1136 by 640) which enables one more line of app to be displayed making 5 rows of apps in the display. iPhone 5 is now working on iOS 6 and specially designed chip by Apple A6 making its powerful and fast on its performance and wireless technology.

iPhone 5 has is being claimed as the thinnest phone ever. As compared to iPhone 4S it is 18 percent thinner, it is just 7.6 millimeters thin. iPhone 5 is 20 percent lighter and 12 percent less in volume than iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 has 8 mega pixels iSight camera which is more enhanced in iPhone 5 because of its some extraordinary features, sapphire crystal lens to provide crystal clear image, panorama images up to 28 pixels, still images of moving objects and LED flash. iPhone 5 also has a Face Time HD camera at the front for video calling more clear and recording of 720 pixels HD video.

Another new feature of iPhone 5 is the use of Nano-SIM card which is about 44 percent smaller than a normal SIM (micro). It is built on LTE for high speed connectivity which is divided in to two chips one for data and another for voice. It also has a dual band 802. As compared to iPhone 4S it has a new lighting connector which is smarter, strong and slighter than iPhone 4S.

No doubt that iPhone 5 is better than iPhone 4S but the features that are being enhanced in iPhone 5 does not make much a difference in its working. If all the features that are being enhanced in iPhone 5 has not been made it makes nit a much difference.

iPhone 5 Features

  • 4 inch Retina display (326 pixels per inch)
  • Sleek (18% thinner, 20% lighter and 12% less volume)
  • Ultra fast wireless (LTE)
  • CPU as A6 chip (faster than of iPhone 4S)
  • Better battery
  • iSight camera (panorama image)
  • New ear pods
  • New maps designed by Apple
  • Many new Siri features (understand more questions)
  • iOS 6 (Operating System)
  • iCloud storage

iPhone 5 Price

  • $199 for 16GB
  • $299 for 32GB
  • $399 for 64 GB

Is iPhone 5 the thinnest smartphone?

iPhone 5 is being claimed as the thinnest phone ever but it is not as there are many other phones that are thinner than iPhone 5 like Motorola RAZR XT909, Motorola DROID RAZR CDMA and Motorola RAZR XT910 they are about 7.1 millimeters thin.