Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph – Next Generation Search Tool

The launch of Knowledge Graph, the next generation search tool from Google, has added a whole new dimension to our online search activity. With Google Knowledge Graph you can expect to get smarter search results, a thorough picture about your subject of interest and simultaneously it can arouse your curiosity on new topics as well.

Knowledge Graph has been coined by Google as “the first step in the next generation of search”. Its initial release is right now available for the U.S. English users and would also be gradually made available for other users. Google will soon introduce Knowledge Graph for Android and iOS mobile users as well.

Google Knowledge Graph
Google Knowledge Graph is capable of utilizing the collective intelligence of the web and has developed the human way of understanding things. It is an information warehouse which can understand the real-world entities, their relationships to other related things and provides relevant set of information about your query.

Google Knowledge Graph can search for things, people and places like you can get information about celebrities, buildings, cities, geographical identities, landmarks, celestial objects, sports team, movies and much more. It returns information which is related to your query and which ultimately proves valuable to you. You can instantly get the details for which you are searching the web.
For example let us take a query like [Taj Mahal]. Up till now [Taj Mahal] was meant to be just two words for the Google search engine. But with Knowledge Graph you are presented with an intelligent form of information about the search term, here [Taj Mahal], in a graphical manner which understands real-world entities and its relation with other objects.

So with Knowledge Graph in place, searching [Taj Mahal] would return information such as its brief description, location, year of opening, height, architectural style, architect, etc. It also returns related information regarding other monuments as well under the section – “People also search for”. You get all this information about [Taj Mahal] easily and instantly.

Google Knowledge Graph derives its resources from a large and augmented pool of databases which at present consists of more than 500 million objects together with more than 3.5 billion facts about the relationships between these objects.

Google Knowledge Graph
Google Knowledge Graph essentially works in three main ways to enhance and enrich your Google Search effort. Firstly, it helps to find the right thing. It has made searching more intelligent. It removes the ambiguity caused due to use of language. Its “See results about” can get you the relevant piece of information matching your query. Secondly, it returns the best summary about the object which you are searching. It gives a brief description and other factual or related information under separate headings, to make things easy and interesting for you. And thirdly, it can also help you to provide a deeper and broader knowledge about your object of interest.

Google Knowledge Graph – The Next Generation Search Tool – has really enhanced and enriched the information searching experience on the web. Knowledge Graph presents the information in a more comprehendible and interesting manner. With Knowledge Graph searching on the Internet will definitely become easier and enjoyable.