Easy Way to Find Default Router Passwords

Many times we need to change some setting in our Router but we are not able to login to router because we don’t know the default router passwords.

Mostly default router password is written on back of the router but if it is not there then it can be difficult task. If you had changed default router password then you can reset it to default password by pressing reset button for 10 to 30 second and router setting will be reset to default settings.

If you want to find default Router password then there is very easy way to find. Just login to RouterPasswords.com and choose your Router make from list and click find password button and it will list available models with their default passwords.

Default Router Password

RouterPasswords.com not just provides default router passwords used but also default web logins, CCTV systems and other electronic devices. RouterPasswords is the largest free online database of default router passwords. This database is maintained by the online community and constantly updated by visitors to their website who submit’s new passwords.

If you are not able to find default router passwords for your router model and want to contribute you can add password to the list.