Download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 was just released and now Microsoft is working on IE 10 and release IE 10 platform preview which is available for download.

Browser war is already increased and many great browser releases are coming after Google Chrome browser war is came to next level. With Firefox 4, Opera 11 and IE 9 web browser are getting lighter and faster and now next big thing can be IE 10.

Microsoft IE 10 platform preview 1 release is not full version it is just to give overview how the next release will be. IE 10 preview does not have menu bar, address bar, back & forward button and nor favorites etc.

Download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

IE 10 final release is not announced yet but Platform Preview will be updated and refreshed every 8 to 12 weeks. It is expected that IE 10 final will come with Windows 8.

IE 10 Platform Preview 1 is available for download for free. IE 10 Platform Preview can only run on Windows 7 and Vista. IE 10 Platform Preview will not upgrade your existing Internet explorer installation it will install separately.

You can download IE 10 Platform Preview from
or you can download it by direct download link.

IE10 Platform Preview 1 (10.0.1000.16394) offline installer