Disable Power Key / Button on Keyboard

Disable Power Key / Button on Keyboard

There is a Power Key/Button on keyboards that, if pressed, causes instant shutdown to the PC device. Now, this can be quite frustrating at times. Instant shutdown can result in severe loss of data. It also puts too much pressure on the processor. So, it is always better to avoid using that particular button. But accidental pressing of the button will also lead to such serious consequences. So, it is better to disable the Power Key/Button on Keyboard. But, how is it possible? The following lines will try to focus on solving this serious issue. Keep reading.

Disable Power Key / Button on Keyboard
The Power Key/Button is a common in most of the multimedia keyboards. And in most of the case, the Power Key/Button is located just above the Print Screen key in the keyboard. This is where more confusion starts to take place. Print Screen is a button used commonly by users for copying the content of the displayed screen in a pictorial format. In most of the cases, they accidentally press the Power Key/Button that is placed just above the Print Screen key. And once pressed, no one can stop the machine from shutting down instantly. Suppose the user is working on some word documents or excel sheet, then any unsaved data will get lost. Other buttons that lie close to the Power Key/Button are Sleep and Wake Up Keys. Sleep key is the button to let the machine go into a hibernating or standby mode Wake Up key is used to reload the machine from the hibernating or standby mode.

A good way of getting rid of the Power Key/Button from the keyboard is by removing it. But, how is it possible? Very simple. Arrange for a pen or thin screwdriver. Then take out the key from the board by inserting the pen or screwdriver inside the slot and pressing hard. The key will come out, and that particular slot will look vacant. But no problem with it, isn’t it? After all, the main purpose was solved. Getting rid of the key was the main purpose, and it was done in the most convincing manner. However, the removed key can be again installed on that vacant slot with a little “press” effort.

These days, it is not recommended to remove keys from the keyboard. It can lead to permanent damaging the board. Yes, the boards manufactured these days are not higher in quality. With the fall in price, their quality has also deteriorated. As a result, removing a single button can cause non-functioning of several other keys present in the board. In some cases, the entire keyboard becomes damaged and non-functioning. So, aren’t there any other methods available to get rid of the power button on the multimedia Keyboard?

Yes, there surely is! Simple change the keyboard settings from the computer’s windows control panel. In fact, it is a much simpler approach than the above mentioned one. Simply open the CONTROL PANEL. From there, select the POWER OPTIONS. And then once POWER OPTIONS opens up, select the ADVANCED setting’s tab. In the ADVANCED settings’ tab, there will be something highlighted like this: “When I Press the Power Button on My Computer” followed by a list of options in a drop-down box. The options are most commonly:

• Do Nothing
• Ask Me What To Do
• Stand By
• Shut Down

The “Shut Down” is always selected by default. Simply, deselect it and select the “Do Nothing” option. Once this option is selected, the Power Button actually gets disabled.

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