Brutally Honest Reviews of Free DVD Burning Software

Brutally Honest Reviews of Free DVD Burning Software

Free DVD burning software is the way to go if you don’t want to pay for burning software applications. They may not look as fancy as paid software but they work just as well. You can say that these software programs only lack the aesthetic appeal but they can do the job very well nonetheless.

Note that some of the software applications mentioned below are simple burning applications while others are complete suites. Some of these applications even have good looking user interfaces. However, the important thing is that users get the functionality they need without having to pay extra for these programs. As the popular saying goes (paraphrasing it slightly) nothing beats freeware!

Option 1 – Daemon Tools Lite

If you’re looking for free DVD burning software that isn’t complicated and very straightforward to use then this is a very good candidate. It is usually a top rated software application based on the many user reviews you can find on the Internet. It usually gets either four or five stars out of five. It supports Windows platforms (i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7).

Pros: Other than burning CDs and DVDs, it can also create ISO images of CDs and DVDs you own, which is used for emulating DVD or CD drives. It also supports advanced emulation and portable installation.

Cons: This software application requires quite a good amount of your computer’s memory. If you have an old computer that doesn’t have a lot of memory, then expect your system to slow down.

Option 2 – CDBurnerXP Pro 4

This software application can work with different types of media like Blu-ray, CDs, and DVDs. One of the selling points of this software program is its ability to audio tracks to CDs without having to rip the tracks already burned on it.

Pros: The suite comes with its own audio player. It has a user friendly interface.

Cons: This Free DVD burning software is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Option 3 – Ashampoo Burning Studio

This is another burning software application that is quite complete with all the tools that anyone will need. It can also create multiple disc backups of your files. The system automatically creates archive backups of your files that are password protected. This version actually has all the best features of previous versions and then some more additional features.

Pros: Has a lot of useful features. This version has a slick user interface. Supports all Windows OS versions.

Cons: The installation program will try to install a toolbar that you don’t actually need.

Option 4 – CD Burner XP

This is one of the free DVD burning software that can look good enough for the office. It has tools that will be very useful in professional applications and settings. It also supports all Windows operating systems including Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista among others.

Pros: This software application has a very user friendly interface and menu. It is also equipped with multisession functionality.

Cons: The installation program used for this burning application suite uses a candy installation tool – again another piece of clutter you don’t need on your computer (you may remove it after installing this burning suite).

Option 5 – ImgBurn

Even though this is just free DVD burning software, this program is actually packed with lots of powerful features. Some say that it can rival commercially sold DVD burning software. It can actually support 10 different varieties of disk image formats.

Pros: Has a lot of advanced features and wide array of options.

Cons: This software application may be a bit complex for people making their DVDs for the very first time.

These are our brutally honest reviews of free DVD burning software. Choose the application or software suite that fits your needs.

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