AVG 2013 Security

AVG 2013 Security Lineup with New Interface

AVG has upgraded all his protection software to a new level. All the new software’s are named as 2013 edition. The unique feature is that it has made available both free and paid upgrades. AVG has changed the interface completely and made it much easier to use.

Now all AVG products are Windows 8 compatible and it shows in its look too. The change in the AVG new 2013 upgrade that is visible the way you install AVG 2013 in your computer is the interface of the software. The new interface is similar to the interface of new Windows 8. The change in the interface made it very easy to use. You just need to press a scan button to scan the whole system just a matter of a click.

AVG 2013 Security

AVG Antivirus 2013
AVG Antivirus 2013 is a complete solution for your computer by protecting it from all types of viruses. There are many features of AVG Antivirus 2013, the new feature is its interface and another new feature is that it now scans your computer at a very fast speed as compared to previous software. It detects and protects your PC from all the threats, malware, and rootkits, scan your emails and scan all your links. AVG Antivirus 2013 protects you from theft while you working online, it never interferes in your works keeps on working at the back end and it also stops instant messaging viruses

AVG Internet Security 2013
AVG Internet Security 2013 is an award winning internet protection. It interface has also been changed compatible for Windows 8. It has many features that provide you complete protection. It detects and stops the viruses, malwares, rootkits, spyware, scan both emails and links before opening it, it can easily download and share files securely without any threats, prevent online spam and scammers, it also detects and protects instant messaging viruses, it even keeps your email sheltered, protected your information while doing banking transactions online, the speed to scan videos has also increased and many more.

AVG Antivirus free 2013
The most unique feature on 2013 upgrades is that it can be downloaded for free. The free software protects your computer from viruses, malwares and much other type of threats. It performs all the basic functions that an Antivirus perform to protect your computer. You just can’t stops instant messaging viruses and share files safely if you using the free version of AVG Antivirus free 2013.